Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Topic for Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What's the weather like where you are today?

Okay, this was supposed to be written and posted yesterday, but somehow I just can't seem to get myself organized these days. However, I really didn't want to renege on this one.

6:05 A.M. -

8:30 A.M. - Cold, drizzly, dark clouds.

10:45 A.M. - Time to go pick up the Lindas for our planned outing which includes browsing gift shops and antique stores on Park Avenue in Rochester, lunch at an outdoor cafe and dessert at the Cupcake Bakery. Put umbrella in the car.

11:00 A.M. - Pick up Good Linda. She comes out without an umbrella, hoping for the best.

11:05 A.M. - Pick up Bad Linda. She says her hubby just called and said there was treacherous weather on the other side of the city. Very dark clouds threatening as we spoke.

11:06 A.M. - Pulling out of Bad Linda's driveway a torrential rain storm begins. We decide against Park Avenue and head for the Mall.

11:06-11:16 A.M.- Rain so hard I pull off the road at one point. Wind, rain and hail buffeting my new car. **Sigh**

11:16 A.M. - Rain stops, immediate sunshine. 62 Degrees.

11:45 A.M. - Still lovely as we arrive at the mall. The Lindas shed their jackets. Off to a wonderful three hour lunch.

3:00 P.M. - Sunshine, 72 degrees as we head for the Cupcake Bakery in Pittsford.

So, I guess you get the idea of the kind of weather we have here in Upstate, NY. The evening was a mix of sun and dark clouds. Kind of a roller coaster day, to say the least.

I need to leave you with this little footnote. It is 81 degrees and sunny today, and is expected to be a high of 50 degrees on Saturday. Welcome to my world.

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